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Beam Shaping Optic Module


Gaussian Beam To Area Beam

Technical Features

Spot Beam to Area Beam

Increased Productivity

Minimized Warpage

Minimized Thermal Damage

  • BSOM(Beam Shaping Optic Module) System, core technology of Laserssel


  • LSR equipped with BSOM to transform spot beam to Area beam


  • LSR dramatically reduces substrate warpage by heating small selected area leaving majority of area unheated (no damage to other area of substrate)

  • Area Laser does not make hot spot(unnecessarily high energy density) which is often key problematic issue with Spot Laser reflow system

Heating only selected Area Laser beam region

When area laser is applied on chips, only chips are being heated up to targeted reflow temperature.
Immediate outside of Laser beam area shows dramatically lower temperature as seen on infrared camera image above.

Area Laser Beam Profile

  • Beam Size : 0.1mm to 200mm 

  • Rectangular / Square​

  • Real time temperature monitoring by IR Camera​

  • Auto Center to Center Measurement and Control System

  • APC(Auto Power Compensation) Control System

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