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  • Established Dongtan R&D Campus

  • Registered Laser & Optics Laboratory

  • Listed on KOSDAQ

  • 7 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

  • Mexico Technology Award on rLSR mini LED Rework / LCB


  • Launched Device business in addition to Equipment business

  • Won 3 Million Dollar Export Award at The 58th Annual Korea Trade Day Ceremony

  • The closing of pre-IPO funding

  • Received “A” ratings in the technology evaluation from two assessment institutes in IPO process

  • Received 2 Mexico Technology Awards for LCB and rLSR. Mexico Technology Award is awarded by Surface Mount Technology Association to the best performance company from all OEM equipment operated in Mexico

  • Received Awards from the office of Prime Minister of Korea at Innovation Technology Show 2021

  • Completion of LCB(Laser Compression Bonder) Development

  • Selected as Outstanding Venture Company from Korea Venture Business Association

  • Approved as Specialized Company in Materials, Components and Equipment sector by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • LSR with 200x200mm Laser beam commercialized


  • Selected as PPURI Technology Specialized Company

  • Participated in 2 Korean Government projects in technology development

  • Launched rLSR for Mini LED application

  • Series C funding closed

  • LSR with 400x2mm laser beam commercialized


  • Selected as Inno-Biz Company

  • Setup Sales channels and CS Partner in USA

  • Developed rLSR for Mini LED application

  • Set up LSR in global Top-Tier Semiconductor

  • LSR with 100x100mm laser beam commercialized

  • Square Core Fiber micro-sized Area Laser commercialized (first to develop worldwide)


  • Selected as GlobalStar Venture Program “Development of Multi Beam Large Area Laser Reflow System for high Efficiency Production of Advanced FlipChip Semiconductor”

  • Completion of MP version In-Line Compression LSR

  • Launched new brand “Laserssel”

  • Series B funding closed

  • LSR with 80x80mm laser beam commercialized


  • Acquired ISO9001

  • Setup Sales channels in Asia

  • Start to deliver LSR to Electric Vehicle & Semiconductor customers

  • Compression LSR developed

  • Series A funding closed


  • Completed Reliability test of LSR with AREA Consortium in USA

  • Selected as Global IP company

  • Announced Venture Company status

  • LSR with 50x50mm laser beam commercialized


  • Laserssel founded

  • Registered Technology Laboratory

  • Participated in Gov’t project “Development of Non Conductive Film(NCF) for Stacked  Package of TSV 3D IC”

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