Launched Device business in addition to Equipment business

Won 3 Million Dollar Export Award at The 58th Annual Korea Trade Day Ceremony

The closing of pre-IPO funding

Received “A” ratings in the technology evaluation from two assessment institutes in IPO process

Received 2 Mexico Technology Awards for LCB and rLSR. Mexico Technology Award is awarded by Surface Mount Technology Association to the best performance company from all OEM equipment operated in Mexico

Received Awards from the office of Prime Minister of Korea at Innovation Technology Show 2021

Completion of LCB(Laser Compression Bonder) Development

Selected as Outstanding Venture Company from Korea Venture Business Association

Approved as Specialized Company in Materials, Components and Equipment sector by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

LSR with 200x200mm Laser beam commercialized


Selected as PPURI Technology Specialized Company

Participated in 2 Korean Government projects in technology development

Launched rLSR for Mini LED application

Series C funding closed

LSR with 400x2mm laser beam commercialized


Selected as Inno-Biz Company

Setup Sales channels and CS Partner in USA


Developed rLSR for Mini LED application

Set up LSR in global Top-Tier Semiconductor Foundry

LSR with 100x100mm laser beam commercialized

Square Core Fiber micro-sized Area Laser commercialized (first to develop worldwide)


Selected as GlobalStar Venture Program “Development of Multi Beam Large Area Laser Reflow System for high Efficiency Production of Advanced FlipChip Semiconductor”

Completion of MP version In-Line Compression LSR

Launched new brand “Laserssel”

Series B funding closed

LSR with 80x80mm laser beam commercialized


Acquired ISO9001

Setup Sales channels in Asia

Start to deliver LSR to Electric Vehicle & Semiconductor customers

Compression LSR developed

Series A funding closed


Completed Reliability test of LSR with AREA Consortium in USA

Selected as Global IP company

Announced Venture Company status

LSR with 50x50mm laser beam commercialized


Laserssel founded

Registered Technology Laboratory

Participated in Gov’t project “Development of Non Conductive Film(NCF) for Stacked  Package of TSV 3D IC”