Charles Ahn Founer,


  • Kyungbuk National Univ. MS.

  • Samsung Electronics, Nano Machining, Precision Machine, Optic Modules Development

  • Chairman of  Korea Venture Business Association

  • Professor of Computer and Information Engineering in Hoseo Univ.

JJ Choi

Ph.D. in MEMS, CEO

  • Tohoku Univ.(Japan), MS/PhD.  Laser processing for Micro Pressure Sensor, Gyro Sensor

  • Samsung Electronics, MEMS like inkjet print head, 2ndary Actuator for HDD/ODD,  Atomic level Data Storage

  • CMO/CTO of CrucialTec

NS Kim

Ph.D. in Physics, CTO

  • Oxford Univ. (Post-Doc.)

  • KAIST PhD. (Major Laser & Optics)

  • Seoul National Univ. BS (Physics)

  • EO TECHNICS (CTO/10 Years), Laser Marking Machine etc : 30 Years in Laser & Optic R&D, Laser Specialist

HJ Shim

 Head of Design & Software,


  • Seoul National Univ. BS (Electrical Engineering)

  • Head of semiconductor div. of EO TECHNICS

  • Head of Design & Software Division 

Rock Kim

Head of Operation,


  • Chung-ang Univ. MS (Mechanical Engineering)

  • President of SongSanEng Co., Ltd.

  • Head of Manufacturing Division

Brian Sohn

Head of Business Development,


  • University of Alberta BS (Computing Science)

  • Head of Business Development CrucialTec (Senior Director)

  • Sales Network established with top-tier IT customers

JD Kim

Head of  Strategic & IR/PR,

Senior Director

  • Korea Polytechnic Univ. MS (Opto-Mechatronics)

  • Cheongju Univ. BS (Optical Engineering)

  • Head of R&D Center CrucialTec (Senior Director)

  • R&D of Optical Track Pads, Mobile LED Flash Module & Lens, Mobile Xe-Flash Module & Lens, Finger Print Smart Cards, etc

BC Kim

Ph.D. in Physical Metallurgy,

Senior Director

  • Yonsei Univ. MS/PhD. (Physical Metallurgy)

  • R&D Center Kia Motors

  • Head of R&D EO Medical (Laser Processing Specialist)

Peter Won

Business Development,

Senior Director

  • TS Korea Ltd. (President)

  • TE Connectivity Ltd. (manager, Sales & Product)

  • Vitronics Soltec Inc. (branch manager of North Asia)

  • Orbotech Ltd. (assistant manager, Technical group)

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