Charles Ahn Founer,


  • Kyungbuk Univ. MS.

  • Samsung Electronics, Nano Machining, Precision Machine, Optic Modules Development

  • Chairman of  Korea Venture Business Association

  • CEO of CrucialMachines

  • Professor of Computer and Information Engineering in Hoseo Univ.

JJ Choi

Ph.D. in MEMS, CEO

  • Tohoku Univ.(Japan), MS/PhD.  Laser processing for Micro Pressure Sensor, Gyro Sensor

  • Samsung Electronics, MEMS like inkjet print head, 2ndary Actuator for HDD/ODD,  Atomic level Data Storage

  • CMO/CTO of CrucialTec

  • COO of CrucialMachines

NS Kim

Ph.D. in Physics, CTO

  • Oxford Univ. (Post-Doc.)

  • KAIST PhD. (Major Laser & Optics)

  • Seoul National Univ. BS (Physics)

  • EO TECHNICS (CTO/10 Years), Laser Marking Machine etc : 30 Years in Laser & Optic R&D, Laser Specialist

Denis Barbini

Ph.D. in Chemistry,

Managing Director

of USA

  • State Univ. of NY, Ph.D. Chemistry

  • Universal Instruments, Associate Director

  • SMTA, Board of Director

  • Vitronics Soltec, Advanced Technology Manager

Katsumi Shimada

Sales & Marketing

of Japan

  • DYNAPERT Japan (President)

  • UIC Japan (President)

  • PROTEC Global Conference (Chairman)

  • DOVER Technology (Consultant)

  • JISSO Corp. (President)

  • 40 years in Electronics Assembly Equipment sales & marketing

CrucialMachines alliance

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