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LSR Reliability

Semiconductor(Fine Pitch)

Perfect 40micron pitch solder bump reflowed by LSR

Laser Process Recipe : Bonding Quality


Mass Reflow

  • LSR needs shorter TAL(time above liquidous) compared to Mass Reflow

  • Cooling speed is directly related to formation of multi grain and uniform & thin formation of Intermetallic compounds

  • Multi-Grain and uniform and thin IMC(Intermetallic Compound) layer provides strong Shear Strength and highly stable Shear Fatigue.

IMC Layer : LSR vs MR/TCB


A : 1sec

B : 5sec

MR : 65sec

Thickness of Intermetallic Compound(IMC) of LSR is ¼ thinner.

Material characteristic of IMC is normally Brittle.

LR-Profile A

TAL 1s

MR Samples

TAL 65s

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