Laserssel Corporation is a leading provider of laser selective soldering technology supporting global semi-conductor, automotive, consumer, communications, military and industrial segments. As a pioneer in selective soldering segments, Laserssel has provided customers with unique soldering capabilities to allow to solder on heat sensitive substrates that were considered to be impossible to reflow. Laserssel is now expanding its product offerings in advanced packaging, plastic and organic substrates, very thin substrates with concern of warpage and any other challenges that were difficult, if not impossible, in conventional reflow process. Combined with its extensive knowledge in laser technology and expertise in process technology, Laserssel is well positioned to help customers to solve problems in the space of packaging and assembling the next generation of electronic devices.



- Selected as PPURI Technology Specialized Company

- Participated in 2 Technology Development Government Project

- Launched rLSR of Mini LED Application

- Series B-2 funding closed


- Selected as Inno-Biz Company

- Setup Sales channels and CS Partner in USA

- rLSR developed Mini LED Application

- Setup LSR in Global Top Tier Semiconductor Foundry


- Selected as GlobalStar Venture Program “Development of Multi Beam Large Area Laser Reflow System for high Efficiency Production of Advanced FlipChip Semiconductor”

- Completion of MP version In-Line Compression LSR

- Launched new brand “Laserssel”

- Series B-1 funding closed


- Acquired ISO9001

- Setup Sales channels in Asia

- Start to deliver LSR to Electric Vehicle & Semiconductor customers

- Compression LSR developed

- Series A funding closed


- Reliability of LSR with AREA consortium in the USA finished

- Selected as Global IP company

- Registereds Venture Company


- CrucialMachines founded

- Registered Technology Laboratory

- Participated in Gov’t project “Development of Non Conductive Film(NCF) for Stacked 

  Package of TSV 3D IC”

- LSR with 50x50mm laser beam developed


- R&D for LSR had started