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Laserssel Corporation is a leading provider of Area Laser selective soldering technology supporting global semiconductor, high-end display, automotive, consumer, military and industrial segments.


World’s 1st Company
in Advanced Future Industry Market

Continuous Growth of Area Laser Market focusing on Semiconductor • Next Gen Display • EV Battery


Most advanced semiconductor products demanded in AI, 5G, IoT, autonomous driving industry are facing critical packaging challenges such as warpage. Such issues in thin die package with die thickness thinner than 50um, interposer package and multi stacked dies that often has fine solder bump pitch with dramatically increased number of IOs are broadly seeing this warpage problem. Laserssel invented LSR based on Area Laser technology is the proven warpage-free bonding solution.

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Mini LED display technology has recently become promising alternative to existing OLED display in high-end consumer product display. OLED display had been dominating high-end display market over LCD display for its advantage of 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio, but it also had critical disadvantage such as burn-in issue and relatively higher cost structure than LCD display. Market has started adopting, so called, Mini LED together with conventional LCD  display that has several tens of thousands of ultra-small LED (normally 100um in size) arrays as backlight unit in high-end display product markets of tablets, note PC and TV. LSR has proven itself with superior bonding strength, warpage / damage free production and rework of 100um sized LEDs.


Electric Vehicle(EV) industry is one of the fastest growing markets today, and stability and safety of electric vehicle is the most critical subject in EV industry. LSR is widely adopted as BMS(Battery Management System) reflow solution in EV for its superior bonding quality, higher productivity and damage-free bonding of chips on PCBs with Area Laser technology, and further shows superior advantage in reflow / bonding of thermally sensitive and non-flammable substrates for batteries in EV.

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Listed on KOSDAQ

Laserssel was recognized for its technological innovation and listed on KOSDAQ in 2022



Excellent Patent Portfolio covering worldwide



Multiple awards from credible domestic and foreign organizations



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