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Laser Solution Platform

BSOM Series
(Beam Shaping Optic Module)
Area Laser Beam Module

  • Various customized Beam Size

  • Over 90% Uniformity : Thermal Stability

NBOL Series
(iNnovation Bonding Optical Laser) 
Laser System with Internal Cooling System

  • Laser System with Internal Cooling System

  • Essential Device for Area Laser Process - Advanced Future Industry

  • 2ch Laser, Laser in Production for Low Power ~ 4kW high Power Laser System

LSR Series
(Laser Selective Reflow) 
Area Laser Reflow System

LCB Series
(Laser Compression Bonder)
Advanced Laser Bonding System with Compression

  • Process Development service included for various customer products(Semiconductor, Display and EV)

BSOM series

Beam Shaping Optic Module

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