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Environmental, Social and corporate Governance

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ESG management We are moving towards becoming a sustainable company.

Laserssel has organized ESG Management Committee with an objective to strengthen the ESG environment over all management aspects. The Committee is setting up and executing strategies which will support ESG policies fit in overall management process of Laserssel.

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ESG Status

Laserssell pursues sustainable growth through ESG management.


Environment Management


Implementing green technologies to reduce carbon emissions

Laserssel has established an eco-friendly production system with environment and safety as important management principles, and is complying with environmental safety laws and regulations for sustainable growth and social responsibility.



Social Responsibility Management

Creating a clean workplace environment

In order to create a pleasant working environment for workers and create a good corporate culture, we provide a healthy working environment by building state-of-the-art facilities and clean workplaces.

Shared growth

Lasersell is implementing a standard transaction contract for transparent transactions between suppliers, and is striving for fair trade by strengthening mutual transaction norms for mutual growth.



Transparent management

Ethic Management

Lasersell has established its own code of ethics and has an internal ethics management office to monitor whether fair trade principles and details of transactions are being implemented throughout its management activities, and practice compliance with corporate ethics accordingly.

Responsibilities and Obligations to Employees

The business and technological advancements by Laserssel go beyond the enhancement of individual competencies to develop national technological competitiveness, protect shareholder interests, and contribute to the self-realization of employees and the development of society.

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